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Beginning August 15, we will be accepting registrations for our fall field trips: register now

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival in Boulder, CO

Field trip reservations available beginning August 15

Open Daily 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. September 26 through October 31

Free Admission

S.W. Corner of 75th St. and Arapahoe Rd. Boulder, CO

Welcome to Cottonwood Farm. We are a family farm located just east of Boulder specializing in pumpkins and fall produce.  We also sell Christmas trees from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

Discover Winter Squash

Learn about how to select and prepare all of the wonderful varieties of winter squash available at Cottonwood Farm, in this video from CSU: Discover Winter Squash
Winter squash at Cottonwood Farm in Boulder

We are opening our fall festival on September 26 with pumpkins, animals and mazes.  Cottonwood Farm is located east of Boulder on 75th Street & Arapahoe Rd. with a great view of the Front Range.  Snowcapped peaks provide a backdrop for the fall colors. Pumpkins and straw bales stand out against the green corn maze. Bring your camera to capture of all the family fun.

Corn Maze in Boulder

Corn Maze

Bring the whole family for a walk in the corn maze free of charge. Our two acre corn maze provides the "real feel" of being on the farm. Cut by hand, not by tractors, it allows our paths be narrower, and the experience more personal.  Listen to the corn rustling in the breeze as it dries down in preparation for harvest. Hear how the corn mutes the sounds of the outside world.  Let your little ones lead the way as you try to find the exit.  Many people value the experience so much that they turn around and go in again.

Straw Bale Maze for kids

Straw Bale Maze

Get ready to snap some shots of your children in the straw bale maze from one of our two raised platforms. Spy on the kids, as they pretend to be lost, trying all the dead ends over and over, again. Listen to their shouts of glee when they find each other right around the corner.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Borrow one of our red wagons or bring your own for a trip out to the pumpkin patch. Each pumpkin is unique and it’s fun to see which one each family member chooses.  Tall and thin, short and fat, extra-large or extra ugly, I mean beautiful, the right pumpkin is out there waiting for you.

Farm Animals


We have pens along both sides of the farm, with animals galore. Say hi to Rocco the donkey, and Bentley the miniature horse.  The chickens will be laying eggs and scratching for seeds and bugs all month long. Look at their beautiful colors. Watch the goats with their crazy antics on their climbing structure. The sheep are docile and friendly and the cows are just teenagers and spend a lot of time eating and chewing their cud. Of course we need to mention the bunnies and the kittens. They are too cute for words and get constant attention from the kids at the farm.

Steam Engine

The Steam Engine

The steam engine is a look at farming methods and machinery from the early 1900’s. We steam it up every weekend in October. Talk to Steve the engineer. He loves to talk about steam and early farming uses of this machine. Every now and then he runs it around the farm so you can see it in action and hear how quiet it is, except for the whistle of course.

Hay Rides at the pumpkin farm

Hay Ride

We offer a hay ride for $3 every weekend day in October. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 3 ride free.  You will sit on straw bales on a real farm wagon pulled by a tractor. This ride takes you around the patch and back. You will get a bird’s eye view of the activities at the farm as well as a view of the Front Range with all the fall colors.

Farm Stand in Boulder

Farm Stand

Are you looking for all kinds of organically grown, winter squash, such as spaghetti, acorn, butternut and many more? These are grown right here on the farm and we also get some additional squash from Isabelle Farm which is owned and operated by our son Jason and his wife Natalie and is only three miles away. Fill you larder with fresh homegrown goodness. Winter squash and pie pumpkins keep very well and are a great choice for a winter soup, entrée, pie, cake or cookie on a snowy day. No need to go to the store, just grab a squash from the pantry and fill the house with the wonderful smells of home cooking. We also have local honey from the bees kept by our son Ben from his home grown Renaissance Apiaries . It flies off the shelf so get yours early before we run out.  All of this and more is available at our farm stand at the pumpkin patch.

Fall Decorations

Decorate Your House

Make your house more inviting by tying a corn bundle near your door and putting a straw bale on your porch. Pile it high with orange pumpkins  and some gourds and Indian corn. It gives a warm and natural look that celebrates the harvest as well as the season. When it gets closer to Halloween you can carve those big pumpkins for a spooky Halloween. On November  first take the gourds, Indian corn and small pumpkins to inside to decorate your table and counters for Thanksgiving.  All of these decorations are available at the farm stand at the pumpkin patch.

Click here for map and directions to the farm

About Cottonwood Farms

Cottonwood Farms is proud to be part of your community. The Condon family has a long history of farming in Boulder, and Bob and Amy share a strong commitment to education and preserving Boulder’s farm heritage. The Condons have also been actively involved in the Boulder County Fair for over fifty years, where Bob served as president of the fair board in 2010/2011, and we were honored to be selected as “Family Of the Year” in 2010