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Steam Engines

Photos and information about operating steam traction engines

In this section we feature traction engines that are still operational in the USA. Most of these can be seen in shows around the country as listed in the particular engine information. We have used information and pictures provided by the owners and have assumed that information to be correct.

One thing you will notice is a wide variation in horsepower ratings. Formulas for rating changed over time and some manufacturers were more conservative than others in ratings.Case changed their rating system in 1910 and a 9 horsepower became a 30 and a 12 horsepower became a 35 and so on up the line. Most engines around today date from around 1900 to 1924. Case built their first traction engine in 1878 and their last one in 1924. By the mid 20s the gasoline tractor had spelled the end for steam traction engine production. The early engines were not as finely developed as the post 1900 models. They were often replaced by newer models and few survive today. Many of the engines built in the 1905 to 1924 period were used until the mid to late 40s.

If you have an engine you'd like to include on our site, please send us more information.

The Engines . . .

1906 Case Steam Tractor
1906 12 Horsepower Case
1921 Greyhound Steam Engine
1921 18 Horsepower Greyhound
1923 Case Steam Engine
1923 65 Horsepower Case
1917 Case Tractor
1917 40 Horsepower Case
1917 Avery Steam Engine
1907 22 Horsepower Avery

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